Comprehensive Core Fire Service Review

Pomax Consulting is working closely with the City of Belleville, Ontario in conducting a comprehensive core service of the Belleville Fire Department. The project include:

  • Reviewing the current fire service delivery model, and confirm efficiencies
  • Discovering best practices 
  • Identifying opportunities for improvement
  • Providing a strategic framework and recommendations to assist council to determine optimal fire protection services that are efficient, affordable, sustainable
  • Establishing options for council for immediate, mid-range, and long-range planning
  • Ensuring the public is receiving the right service in the most cost-effective manner
  • Providing council with a comprehensive needs assessment report

The study objectives are to

  • Conduct a station location assessment
  • Complete population, household, housing, and employment projections
  •  Provide a demographic assessment which includes aging population and potential future socio-economic changes, and the impact on fire services
  • Complete an intensification analysis, and use of growth areas for housing and employment
  • Provide a land-area summary that includes vacant land analysis, and development capacity/land needs analysis
  • Examine existing and planned servicing to determine future infrastructure needs to accommodate intensification and redevelopment in the built-up area



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