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Committed to searching for the right solutions

Since 1996, the team at Pomax has been specializing in helping public service and public safety entities enhance their organizations by having the right consultant team matched with every project. We listen to our clients, we work collaboratively with project sponsors, and involve stakeholder groups to make sure the solution is right the first time.

During that time almost all our projects were wonderfully successful but a few were not. We have learned from every one of those projects – the ones that were positive, but particularly those that didn’t go well and we had to recover from.

We don’t consider ourselves to be a traditional consulting company, whether in public safety or otherwise. Even though the background of many of our consultants is in the emergency services industry we don’t ‘bleed’ unquestioning adherence to standards or so-called best practices and benchmarking. We believe that each of those standards or other commonly referenced practices need to be proven as a best fit for each client community – because sometimes they aren’t. We research commonly ascribed standards and nail down where and how they fit a client, or prove that they don’t. In any circumstance, our objective is to find the best emergency services model for each unique client and provide supporting evidence.

About Pomax

Pomax is made up of a team of people who have different formal educations, experiences, and aptitudes and bring those to a project in support of clients and each other because we know – even though this sounds trite – that each project is unique. More specifically we are a team of consultants and support staff with master level education in areas as diverse as information technology, analytics, municipal planning, engineering, human resources, and finance, but combined with the practicality of front line and executive experience in emergency service delivery. In addition, we have partners in architectural, geospatial technology, and radio communications firms who we bring into projects for advice or assistance as needed.

We understand that each project is unique and specific to the needs of a community or region. Our team approach means that each specialty is dedicated as much, or as little, as required and the overall contributions are used to deliver a custom solution to each client.



We’re independent thinkers and clients have told us of the importance of delivering recommendations and plans unencumbered or influenced by opinion.

Even though we have many, many years of experience in emergency services, our assessment of your organization will be impartial because we have no practiced ways of thinking about specific issues, and no investment in any particular outcome, other than identifying opportunities for providing the most favorable levels of service specific to each client’s needs and circumstances.  

Our intent, with every assignment, is to provide an abundance of objective information and fact-based recommendations sufficient to make informed decisions.


Our team’s strong capabilities in the following areas are augmented by partnerships with companies within the disciplines of electrical and civil engineering, architecture, infrastructure, geospatial technology, and other specialties which means that there is almost no area of service that we can’t  deliver to clients.

Master Planning

Strategic Planning

Feasibility Studies

Project Management & Planning

Systems Design, Procurement, & Tendering

Project Management


Recruitment & Selection

Financial Analysis


Staffing Level Analysis

Computer Aided Dispatch & Records Management Systems

Functional & Technical Requirements Analysis

Program Organization & Productivity

Emergency Services & Communications Dispatch Consolidation

Organizational Design

Organizational & Operations Analysis

Communications & Information Technology

Emergency Response Modeling

Business Case Development & Analysis

Emergency Preparedness


Pomax provides services to all levels of government within the area of public safety, particularly police, fire, emergency medical, and paramedic services.

Although Pomax’s skills are almost exclusive to government agencies, we do occasionally provide services to non-governmental organizations and private corporations if the project and tasks are wholly objective and in the public interest.

Selected project locations and a short description of our assignments are displayed on the attached map.

Recent Projects

City of Nanaimo, British Columbia

Fire Station No. 1 Replacement: Communications Systems Design for fire operations and dispatch; the emergency operations centre; and the command and business centre

City of Iqaluit, Nunavut

Recruiting Services for a Director of Emergency and Protective Services, and a Deputy Fire Chief