Regional Municipality of Niagara

Emergency Medical Services Master Plan

Pomax Consulting was selected by the Regional Municipality of Niagara to develop a comprehensive master plan for the delivery of emergency medical services (EMS). The objectives for the master plan included:

  • forecasting annual call volume to 2027, and the resources required to serve that volume within expected patient treatment scenarios;
  • examining response time performance predicated on industry and evidence-based practices applicable to Niagara Region that balance efficiency with outcome in a changing pre-hospital care environment;
  • defining a staffing model that details required ambulances, response units, advanced and primary care paramedics, system status controllers, and support staff and organizational structure to achieve recommended and desired performance standards;
  • identifying a facilities structure to support the staffing and delivery model, taking into account overall efficiency and effectiveness and the well-being of paramedics and support staff and logistics (delivery of supplies and maintenance);
  • reviewing the Consolidated Dispatch Report and recommendations relative to the future of an integrated EMS delivery system;
  • reviewing delivery of EMS with the context of police and fire services within Niagara Region and local municipalities; and
  • recommending potential efficiencies and effectiveness improvements based on clinical research, observation, industry experience, and practices in other jurisdictions but specific to the needs of Niagara Region EMS.