How likely is it that the person with the right skills and abilities will be recruited to your organization? What is it about your organization that will attract the best people to apply? Finding proficient, motivated individuals who are passionate about their work and want to grow and develop their skills is a time consuming task.

Whether you’re a paramedic, fire, or police service, a communication centre, a government, non-profit, public or private organization, recruitment can be a significant investment with several challenges:

• How do you attract competent applicants to your organization?
• How do you screen applicants for aptitude – rather than skills – so that you can predict
what their initial and ongoing training needs are going to be after hiring?
• How do you ensure that professional development and training needs are met, and
employees achieve an appropriate level of competence and job satisfaction?
• How do you keep the right person?

Pomax refines recruitment processes so organizations are hiring the best people. We develop selection, and staff training programs that meet the ever-changing challenges of recruitment and retention. Our solutions are based on current science and best practices while meeting the essential requirements of the client.