How does your organization manage its operations as community and stakeholder needs and expectations change over time? Organizational analysis refers to the process of reviewing the development, work environment, personnel and operation of a business or service.

Performing a periodic detailed organizational analysis is an effective way for management to identify challenges or inefficiencies that have arisen, but have not yet been addressed. The analysis is then used by leaders as a baseline for developing, modeling, and managing change, or as confirmation of organizational competency. The process is organized and rational that results in information and insight of strengths and challenges. Pomax uses quantitative and qualitative approaches that result in a solid base of information from which effective solutions are developed.

Regardless of the scale of change, applying a structured implementation plan and timetable increase the probability of successfully reaching the desired future state of an organization. Pomax delivers recommendations and implementation plans tailored to each client’s needs and circumstances that are actionable, cost-effective, and achieve the desired results.