Michael Sanderson

Michael Sanderson, MHSc, BA, A-EMCA is an internationally recognized Emergency Medical System administrator. With an extensive background gained in over more than 37 years of EMS service, his experiences include hospital, government, and volunteer service delivery, in large and small organizations.

In addition to working with Pomax, Michael’s international liaison and project experiences include working with the Justice Institute of BC in a China trade mission, participation in Australia on behalf of the EMS Chiefs of Canada, representation with the International Association of EMS Chiefs, and studying the development of community care paramedicine activities in the United Kingdom.

Currently Chief of a large Ontario Paramedic Service Michael was previously the Executive Director for the Lower Mainland Region of the British Columbia Ambulance Service, one of four operating regions in BC, and one of the largest EMS operations in Canada.  Across more than 90,000 square kilometres of geography, with a served population of 2.6 million people, his area of responsibility included service delivery in remote, rural, urban, and metropolitan areas.  Regional staff under his leadership included more than 1,100 paramedics and dispatchers in a fully integrated tiered response system to more than 400,000 responses per year incorporating first responders, basic, and advanced life support staff.  Michael acted as the Provincial lead in the planning for and provision of all ambulance coverage to the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games and chaired the Provincial Staffing and Workload Committee as well as both the Provincial and Regional First Responder Committees.  Technological achievements included responsibility and guidance for the conversion of the single regional dispatch centre from paper based process through the 2002 implementation of Computer Assisted Dispatch (CAD), regeneration of the CAD to a new platform in 2008, implementation of ProQ&A to enhance utilization of the Medical Priority Dispatch System, operational design and implementation of the provincial Patient Care Information System (PCIS) in 2008, and leading the operational aspects of design of the Mobile CAD and ePCR projects through 2010 and 2011.


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