Fort Erie, Ontario

Fire and Emergency Services Review

Pomax Consulting was contracted to undertake a strategic organizational review of Fort Erie’s Fire and Emergency Services to identify opportunities for improvement. The overall goal of the review was to provide a strategic framework and recommendations to assist the town in providing an optimal level of fire protection and emergency services that are efficient, affordable and sustainable. The project included:

  • analyzing the existing personnel, facilities, apparatus and equipment in relation to current and future service levels in the areas of:
    • fire administration,
    • emergency planning,
    • fire suppression,
    • fire prevention,
    • rescue,
    • public education,
    • training, and
    • communications;
  • examining the capacity, location, and condition of stations;
  • analyzing equipment and apparatus inventories, adequacy, and maintenance and replacement plans; and
  • identifying future growth, and non-growth related needs of Fort Erie Fire and Emergency services.