Exploring opportunities for dispatch consolidation can lead to reduced costs for clients and stakeholders. No matter the size or type of consolidation project, Pomax builds solutions that meet our client needs, and circumstances by bringing together client and industry knowledge with our team’s considerable expertise. We listen, we are responsive and we deliver exceptional service and effective solutions.

Dispatch consolidation is a significant system change that has to be explored, and managed with an understanding of the unique requirements of combining service providers. A successful consolidation project is achievable when all aspects of doing so have been carefully studied including building and space requirements, technology, backup facilities, governance, and staffing.

A comprehensive strategy and implementation plan leads to a smooth transition into a consolidated environment. The Pomax team has been involved in over 125 consolidation projects across North America. Our team is not only technically proficient, but we also remain at the forefront of the latest technologies and processes that will bring about successful dispatch consolidation for our clients.