Brantford, Ontario

Fire Station Location Analysis  Pomax completed a station location optimization plan for the City of Brantford in early 2017. The assignment entailed: Reviewing and analyzing multiple station distribution scenarios and their impact on National Fire Protection Association recommended primary and secondary response times Providing response contours from Brant County fire stations in Paris, St. George, […]

Miramichi, New Brunswick

Fire Department Operational Review Pomax completed an operational review of the Miramichi Fire Department to identify opportunities for improving effectiveness and efficiency in: Fire prevention, and public education programs; Staffing levels; Vehicles and equipment, maintenance program, replacement cycles; Dispatch and radio systems; Mutual and automatic aid agreements; Community risk; Response performance; Station locations; Training program, […]

Province-Wide Review of Municipal Fire Services-Nova Scotia

In 2016 – 2017 Pomax conducted a review of fire services in Nova Scotia, from a municipal perspective, on behalf of the Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities (UNSM) and the Association of Municipal Administrators, Nova Scotia (AMANS). The associated tasks included facilitating eight meetings with municipal officials and fire services across the province and identifying […]

Regional Municipality of Niagara

Emergency Medical Services Master Plan Pomax Consulting was selected by the Regional Municipality of Niagara to develop a comprehensive master plan for the delivery of emergency medical services (EMS). The objectives for the master plan included: forecasting annual call volume to 2027, and the resources required to serve that volume within expected patient treatment scenarios; examining response time […]

Corner Book, Newfoundland

Fire Department Review In early 2017, Pomax completed an evaluation of Corner Brook’s fire protection services and needs, which included identifying opportunities to improve operational services efficiency and effectiveness and completing a fire station location review. The report identified: Corner Brook’s fire prevention and protection needs, balancing the most cost-effective and efficient level of service […]

Review of Fire and Emergency Services Standards-Regional Municipality of Halifax, Nova Scotia

Pomax evaluated Halifax Regional Municipality Fire and Emergency’s expected services and levels as defined in Administrative Order 24 (enabling bylaw). The deliverables of the project included developing target recommendations for acceptable types and levels of response for urban, suburban, and rural areas of the municipality, based on acceptable risk, population density, levels of response, service […]

Ten-Year Fire Master Plan-Essex, Ontario

Pomax recently completed a 10-year master fire plan for the Essex fire department service delivery system including: evaluating fire department levels relative to existing financial and human resource allocations; analyzing relevant documents regarding population growth in the township for the next 10 years; identifying potential gaps in current service provisions and recommending resolution; recommending activities […]

Fire Services Staffing and Deployment Review-Regional Municipality of Halifax, Nova Scotia

Pomax completed a staffing, apparatus, and station location review to determine the best distribution of human resources and other assets within the existing financial limits of the municipality. Pomax made recommendations – based on career, volunteer, and composite staffing options – that achieved the most efficient use of resources within the current staffing complement, while […]

Emergency Communications Centre Master Plan-Parkland County, Alberta

February 2016, Pomax Consulting was selected to develop a master plan for Parkland County’s Emergency Communications Centre, an Accredited Centre of Excellence that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week providing  9-1-1- call answer and emergency dispatch services to over 60 municipalities with a population of 235,396. The communication centre provides a wide range of […]

Fire Department Operational Review-Regional District of Central Okanagan, British Columbia

In 2016 Pomax completed a comprehensive review and analysis of the structure and operations of the Regional District of Central Okanagan’s four paid on-call fire departments. The objective was to ensure that the fire departments are providing the most cost effective operations while meeting all legislated safety requirements and mandates of the service areas.  Our team delivered evidence-based, long-term, […]