Northwest Territories

Ground Ambulance and Highway Rescue Pomax Consulting is engaged with the Government of the Northwest Territories to examine territorial ground ambulance and highway rescue with a focus on determining and sustaining acceptable service standards and the required resources. Pomax will also assist the government with establishing a vision for ground ambulance and highway rescue, and […]


Fire Rescue Resource Allocation/Deployment and Station Location Study Pomax Consulting is currently engaged with completing a resource allocation/deployment and station location study for Kamloops Fire Rescue. The study, which will be presented spatially using ESRI™ mapping software, is based on Kamloops Fire Rescue emergency response data Growth anticipated in the Official Community Plan Residential, commercial, and […]


Comprehensive Core Fire Service Review Pomax Consulting is working closely with the City of Belleville, Ontario in conducting a comprehensive core service of the Belleville Fire Department. The project include: Reviewing the current fire service delivery model, and confirm efficiencies Discovering best practices  Identifying opportunities for improvement Providing a strategic framework and recommendations to assist […]


Comprehensive Fire Service Review and Facility Needs Assessment Pomax worked with the Kennebecasis Valley Fire Department on a comprehensive fire service review and facility needs assessment. The department is the regional fire service for the New Brunswick towns of Quispamsis and Rothesay, as well as parts of three other districts with a total population of […]

Kirkland Lake, Ontario

Master Fire Plan Pomax Consulting completed a comprehensive fire service review and developed a master fire plan to guide the Town of Kirkland Lake in the delivery of fire services over the next 20 years. The master plan provided Kirkland Lake with a strategic direction for the composite fire department, highlighted opportunities for optimizing service […]

Fort Erie, Ontario

Fire and Emergency Services Review Pomax Consulting was contracted to undertake a strategic organizational review of Fort Erie’s Fire and Emergency Services to identify opportunities for improvement. The overall goal of the review was to provide a strategic framework and recommendations to assist the town in providing an optimal level of fire protection and emergency […]

Corner Book, Newfoundland

Fire Department Review In early 2017, Pomax completed an evaluation of Corner Brook’s fire protection services and needs, which included identifying opportunities to improve operational services efficiency and effectiveness and completing a fire station location review. The report identified: Corner Brook’s fire prevention and protection needs, balancing the most cost-effective and efficient level of service […]