A solid business case is a must to secure resources, allocation of operating funds, or capital investment in any project, especially when pursuing a new opportunity, new capability, or major expansion. Developing a business case is often complex as there are a number of critical elements to consider. The information used to build and develop the action plan must go beyond existing budgets and business plans in many instances.

Pomax provides clients with the methods and assumptions used in developing tactics and strategies so that results can be evaluated and fully understood. We assist clients to determine the critical success factors, contingencies, and significant risks that accompany each decision or action, and identify the important facts that allow for fully informed decision making.

Pomax works with our clients to design a business case that examines the financial and operational impact of a plan or decision. We assess the operational and revenue impacts, and forecast the consequences of the action or decision, over time. Our team is accurate in their financial projections, clearly demonstrating the methods and rationale used for quantifying benefits and costs.