Brantford, Ontario

Fire Station Location Analysis 

Pomax completed a station location optimization plan for the City of Brantford in early 2017. The assignment entailed:

  • Reviewing and analyzing multiple station distribution scenarios and their impact on National Fire Protection Association recommended primary and secondary response times
  • Providing response contours from Brant County fire stations in Paris, St. George, Cainsville, Mt. Pleasant, and Brantford Municipal Airport
  • Evaluating the standard of response capacities against NFPA 1710
  • Evaluating and addressing secondary response and depth of response as it related to larger structures or incidents not covered by NFPA 1710 (high-rises, commercial strip malls, etc.)

The project deliverables included:

  • Standard of response coverage analysis including the development of maps, charts, and graphs
  • Recommendations to improve efficiency and effectiveness as they relate to response and resource allocation
  • Determining optimal station locations in consideration of response times, response depth, and impacts on life safety